Tiled map and draw offset

Hey there,

in the Tiled there is an option to use a “Drawing offset”.
I did find that extremely useful when I for my map (that is generally based on 32x32) have one layer where I actually need to place tiles that are of size 64x64. I can adjust the draw offset in Tiled to make everything fit nicely.

However, when I render the map in Phaser the “draw offset” is not taken in to consideration.

To have the map rendered like this in Phaser:

I have to place my tiles this way in Tiled:

So… is there a way to use “drawing offset” in Phaser or do you have any other recommendation?

Best regards

Right now you have three-quarter looking walls, which would work well in an isometric grid, however you are trying to force that on an orthographic grid. So just switch your code and tile project over to isometric and fit your graphics to match the grid.

Hey, thanks for your reply.

Well, the kind of game I am creating does not really work well with an isometric grid.
I am hoping to create something similiar to tibia.com or the old Ultima VII.


I appriciate the suggestion though