Traversing a graph like path

I am new to Phaser and skimmed through documentation but stuck solving this problem. I want a game sprite to move through set of coordinates (nodes). Each node has some wait time associated with it. Lets say of coordinates(nodes) are like
A: {x:100,y:100,wait: 0ms},
B:{x:200,y:300, wait:50 ms},
C: {x:300,y:500,wait:200ms},
I want sprite to start at A move to B, wait for 50ms at B and start moving to C, wait for 200ms at C, then start moving to D and wait for 100ms at D.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

That data structure looks quite easy to convert to tweens. You could either use a timeline or chain the tweens manually with delay or timer events. The former solution is likely simpler, while the latter gives you more control.

If there are physics involved, you should instead chain physics commands manually (e.g. with timer events). For Arcade, try moveTo or moveToObject.