Trouble with rendering text on Android

Hello, I have an issue on some android tablets, for some reason, parts of text cannot be correctly rendered. It seems to occur randomly, as you can see in the image below, instead of the letter ‘A’ there is a black rectangle.
Anyone ran into these problems before?
Also the text is added normally with scene.add.text

Please provide the related code, it might help

Have you checked that the typed character that’s missing isn’t e.g copied/pasted from somewhere? It may be an ‘odd’ international character that isn’t available in that system font, everywhere.

Does the font support the character that’s missing? Presumably yes (sometimes), because it sometimes works - but if it’s a system font that you’ve not set up any kind of import process for, then characters may behave differently on different systems…

A different font may fare better, but best solution is to ensure that the font you want is e.g a web font (run through font squirrel or equivalent) that you’ve imported via @font in CSS