TypeError: Error: Cannot read property 'queueDepthSort' of undefined

Hello, I am getting this error ‘TypeError: Cannot read property ‘queueDepthSort’ of undefined
at Boss.GameObject’ when initialize my game.
I do not know from where I can com. I add some code:
Boss class:
export default class Boss extends Entity {
constructor(scene) {
super(scene, 400, 80, “boss”, “Boss”);
this.scene = scene;
this.lifes = 15;
this.body.collideWorldBounds = true;
this.scene.add(‘Mission1’, new GameScene(‘Mission1’, ‘space’, ‘DialogueBoss1’, new Boss(‘Mission1’)));

export default class GameScene extends Phaser.Scene {
constructor(scene, key, bossText, boss) {
this.key = key;
this.bossText = bossText;
this.boss = boss;

I hope this helps to understands it and give me some feedback