Welcome to the new Phaser forum!


**WE LOVE YOU RICH :black_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: **


Awesome forum, glad to be here
but will the HTML5GD forum continue or you are planning to shut it down?
I dont want see HTML5GD community disappear :sweat:


There are no plans to shut H5GD, but I will monitor traffic once Babylon and Phaser have moved away, as they are the largest contributor by far.


I don’t like change! :rage: Kidding, it’s hard to complain with 3 second registration.


I hope get new phaser3 at npm… :frowning:


Looks great! Happy to be part of it.


Nice! Phaser and it’s community has helped me tremendously with my coding :slight_smile: I am grateful for this.


What does this mean for HTML5 game dev forum?


I feel I covered that in detail in the Phaser 2018 Round-up (in the forum section)

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It’s good to see them give you guys a boost.

And I guess this is as good a time as any for me to actually start using a code forum.


Please help, i am new to phaser, how to add physics group in phaser 3 ?


Hey @bush91
I believe you could check for example for this :slight_smile:

here the arcade-physics