Welcome to the new Phaser forum!

I wish you all a warm welcome to the new Phaser forum. Read this post to find out why we moved forums, how to take part and what you can find here.

Since Phaser first began, we have maintained a board over at the HTML5 Game Devs Forum. This has been great for many years but we felt it was time to move to our own home. I had looked at Discourse before. As a forum app, it seemed light-years ahead of what Invision, the software at HTML5GD, could do. Sadly, it was just too expensive for us to consider. So all those power features seemed out of reach.

Which is why, when Discourse offered Phaser a free managed installation, as part of their initiative to help open source projects, we jumped at the chance! :smiley:

I had the option to move over all of the posts from the HTML5GD forum to here. Which would have given us a rich vein of archived material to draw on. However, it was impossible to determine which users had registered on HTML5GD just for Phaser, and not one of the other projects hosted there, like Babylon.js. I also felt that, as a user, I wouldn’t be happy to find that my user account was moved from one site to another without my permission. With those two facts in mind, I took the decision to start this forum afresh.

So welcome to the new Phaser forum. It’s a blank slate, albeit a much more powerful one than before! With proper integration with GitHub, Patreon and other services. A really neat notification system, genuinely useful email summaries and a lot more. I will keep the HTML5GD Phaser boards open, but they will eventually be moved to be read-only.

I’m excited to be here and to start from scratch. Please, register and join in! You can post anything Phaser game dev related, including new game announcements, questions, examples and all manner of related topics. Again, my thanks to Discourse for providing this shiny new home for us.




Looks quite good :+1:

Thank you, for the new forum dedicated only to phaser. Phaser is a great framework…

Great work! Looking forward to watching this place grow.

This is great, Rich, congrats on getting this set up and thanks for your dedication to this project.

Works great, looks even better - happy to be part of this!

Great. Thanks for the new forum. You are amazing :smiley:

Looks very slick Rich thanks!

Yeah it’s so much nicer to use! But the thing that I’m most pleased about is the markdown support for code :slight_smile:


Very nice! Can’t wait to start using it. I’m glad you split out phaser two and three into their own categories. I’ve accidentally use phaser two code in three before and that lead to some fun debugging times.

Killing it! I’m happy to see the forum has been moved to Discourse!

Thank You! I like how Phaser 3 is really coming together!

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I definitely won’t miss the posts with a single long line of code.

Also second the above. Started using Phaser with 2.4 or so, and I’m glad I went in this direction than with another framework (libGDX was one I was exploring, despite being a C# dev).

Through Phaser picked up TypeScript, Gulp, and now Webpack, which have all helped with my actual job.

Phaser and it’s community rocks.

Thrilled for this. The Phaser community has helped me tremendously in learning the basics of game development. I recently converted my ginormous codebase from Phaser 2 to 3, and can say that it was absolutely worth the effort. The new forum looks great. The future is bright!


I like it :slight_smile:
Glad to see that the user base of phaser keeps on growing.

Wow… Glad to be here

I think the “Badges” are extremely brilliant idea! I just love those participation awards. And furthermore, just in time for a new year! :wink: