Where can I find bitmaptext for Phaser?

I’ve been looking around on some font websites, and they say that the fonts there are bitmap fonts, however I thought it would be provided in a png+xml format instead of the usual .ttf. Is there a good website for fonts that are a png and xml format? Is there some kind of converter to convert it into a valid format for Phaser?

BMFont is a free tool which can convert conventional fonts into bitmap fonts. Some of the fonts in Phaser’s examples appear to have been generated with Glyph Designer, which I know nothing about.

You can use an online font converter:

This tool lets you import your own font and is able to generate a PNG file along with a FNT file which contains every character description. Both files can be directly loaded in the ‘preload’ function of your game.

this.load.bitmapFont(‘font_name’, ‘assets/fonts/your_font.png’, ‘assets/fonts/your_font.fnt’);

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