[WIP] [Phaser 3] Discus

I am an artist and graphic designer by trade, so I apologize for getting any programming terminology incorrect.

In June I taught myself Javascript to help me create Extension Panels for Adobe products (specifically Photoshop). I have found learning JS fun and a good time to learn since social distancing during this health crisis. I have always loved video games, but never had a chance to create one (I have designed boardgames and RPGs). What attracted me to Phaser was the examples page. It was reminiscent of arcade artwork and the way graphics were handled back then. So, I thought I should try to make something.

So, after a month of learning JS and couple of weeks researching anything I can find on Phaser I got to this point:

Discus - hero test

Using a gamepad, specifically the dual analog you can walk around, target, and throw. Fhew, it was quite an adventure to get to this point. It doesn’t do anything else yet.

I attempted to place a particle effect trailing the disc. I failed for now. The discs are part of a bullet group and I couldn’t figure out how to reference the discs so that the particles follow them. I will shelf that for now and work on collisions.