Animation troubles

I’m hoping someone might have a clue for me here…

I have a looping animation that sometimes runs totally fine, and other times part way through gets clipped and disappears about halfway through. It clips vertically, normally in two steps, first it’ll clip the bottom 90% or so, then 100% for the remainder of the animation (then reappear, repeat)

It’s being placed in create(), and should continue playing for the duration of the game.

I’m on the latest Chrome (72.0.3626.121), and this happens for both CANVAS and WEBGL.

About 50% of the time it runs perfectly fine. There’s nothing strange in the spritesheet, totally equal and even-number sprite sizes, packed using TexturePacker, I’ve even sifted through to see if there are any broken frames in the png and json but it all looks totally fine. 60 frames running at 30 fps.

Any clues?

  1. If you have diffrent images, maybe one or two images are not loaded ?

  2. If you have a spritesheet check if texturepacker is making your images in the right order

  3. Try to empty and refresh the browser cache

Nah like I said I verified the spritesheet, they’re all there, right order, and I’ve tried clearing the cache.

It doesn’t look like a frame issue, and also like I said sometimes it works with no issue, which indicates everything should work fine. It’s hit or miss though.