Camera 'zoom in' with cam following and sprite collisions


I am building a game for a few month, only for a fixed known screen size. GameSize(800, 600) and I already spend a lot of time with that problem.

My problem is, that the map and my characters are to small so you can’t see them very well.
So I want to ‘zoom in’ into the actual ingame.
I used this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; before on a smaler GameSize.
This ‘zooms in’ everything. But I have a few .pngs and fonts (i will call them overlay)which I dont want to ‘zoom in’ because they will lose resolution then.
So my idea is to put all ingame sprites(mapLayers, charactersprites, itemsprites,…), in a group and scale that group up. So that overlay will not be upscaled.
The ingame has collisions, the overlay has a mouse input.
The camera should be centered over my playerSprite in the ingame.
I read a few things about that and I am not sure if this will work or if there is an easier way. Especially with the collisions and the camera.

Hope you can help me,
Many thanks


You can’t know what happen if you don’t test what you are trying to figure out, what i’ve noticed is that sometimes the collision doesn’t works fine when scaleing a sprite, and the sprite will collide but not preciselly which is understandable


If you need a real world zoom, try

But if the only problem is the in-game sprites look too small, maybe just scale them up individually instead.