Cavern Quest – multiple scenes demo

I never finished my tutorial but I still think this is a good demo. It uses five scenes (boot, menu, play, end, ui) in a typical and effective pattern.

You can

I can probably write a dev log still if there is interest.

Very clean no more words, just Awsome :heart_eyes:, it’s not like my work, neither finished nor organised feeling like I always test new features and repeat myself :crazy_face: and of course still working on Phaser 2 (CE) :space_invader:

Will you create one devlog for all your games like the one I do on my page ? It helps me concentrate the attention of the gamers into only one place to let them discover the new features of a code instead of creating a devlog per game which is a little bit confusing and doesn’t look like an internal site blog, and as the itch team has a special interest for those all in one devlogs that they make them featured sometimes it can be a good feature to explore :earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia: so it will let the page of your games clean :sunglasses: