Client/Server system

I’ve achieved an important milestone in my game. I was finally able to convert it into apk for android. The first version of the game is ready. Both player1 and player2 are on the same screen. I want to separate the game so that each player can connect with their phone. I also need a way for the list of players available to be displayed, so a player on the list can be invited to play. Any tips on how I can go about that. I registered with playfab but I don’t really know what to do next. Thanks.

I have never used playfab before, but has a rather comprehensive guide for setting up the backend server and client connection Get started | Socket.IO

The example is a chat app, but you can modify it to emulate a game server (e.g. by sending a state every second to the connected clients)

Once you get the concept, then you can try out more complex frameworks like playfab and colyseus