Cube Wave using Phaser 3 IsoBox class

There’s a great Youtube video of something called the Cube Wave with more than 600 thousand views. It’s basically a demo using P5.js / Webgl.
Although Phaser 3 does not have the same sort of Webgl functionality, it does have something called IsoBox Shape, which is a game object that can draw a box in isometric view. And in fact, Cube Wave is really easy to recreate using this game object. And here it is.
Cube Wave using Phaser 3 IsoBox (
The algorithm to draw the grid of boxes is taken from one of Phaser’s examples here.
Phaser - Examples - Iso Image
The logic to move the cubes in a sinusoidal pattern is taken straight from the Coding Train Youtube video here.
(34) Coding Challenge #86: Cube Wave by Bees and Bombs - YouTube

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