Drag and Drop not working

Trying to get drag and drop to work with the newest version 3.54.0. My code works fine if I use previous versions of Phaser 3 but when I use the new one, the drag input and drop inputs do not work. The dragstart and dragend inputs will fire a console.log though. I would use a previous version but I want to add Spine into my project and pervious versions don’t support the Spine plugin.

I’ve copied the code from the examples - they don’t work either. I’ve tested my code in the online examples and they all work there. I don’t like to use npm/yarn because of the hassle of working with webpack and all the other things that need to go along with it to work. I am using Visual Studio’s live server to run my code.

Any help would be great, as I would like to get this project done soon because my students only have five more weeks of class and I am building this project for their practice so they can do well on the final test.


By the way, you can see my stackoverflow question with some code here: javascript - Drag and drop image not dragging in Phaser 3 v3.54.0 - Stack Overflow

Try it without

dom: {
      createContainer: true

If that is the problem, see DOM Container blocks pointer events

You are a genius! Thanks mate! It works!