Error with rooms and timer


Hello. Who can help me.
I have a multiplayer game.
When a room of more than three people creates a room and the game begins. Then 3 people come into the game again and one more game begins, but only in another room. And in the room at number 0 the timer stops, and in the room at number 1 everything works. If 3 more people enter the game, the timer will stop in all rooms except the room at number 2
Please help me
I’ll pay for good work
Source code -
Video Bag -


Hello @goboju,
I just saw here,
on your code you have 1 interval, like user’s array you will also need to have a timer’s array, and every time you need create a new interval for your games for start.

This means every room needs their own interval :slight_smile:


Thank you , i make it))


No problem it’s work please let me know,
It’s also the same for if you have any control on your server side, you need to create everything room based :slight_smile: