Farm and Mine - incremental resource manager

My incremental resource manager, Farm and Mine, is now live on Poki!

It is also available for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux here:

Here is what to expect in Farm and Mine:

  • Over 60 facilities which produce resources, convert them, sell, or provide new game aspects;
  • Integrated autoclicker: just click on the facility which you want to boost and the autoclicker will do the job for you;
  • Unlimited offline time: having made sure you automated the production chains, you can leave your farm to return later and see how much did your citizens produce;
  • Interlocked resource branches: agriculture, industry and population, each one depends and empowers the other;
  • Elaborate prestige system which allows you to select which aspect of the game boost the most (and you can change your mind and try a different strategy on the next run);
  • Human-drawn buildings and characters who work everywhere in your growing city;

Feel free to use these ones to activate the timed bonuses which will speed up your progression:

  • EUZUMQO: Time speed x10 (2:00)
  • EPHP7UI: Clicks x10 (1:00)
  • EO6MWON: Transport x2 (12hour 0m)

The current game rating on various platforms is around 4.4 - 4.8 after thousands of reviews, so we hope you will enjoy the idle farming and resource mining, too. Have fun!