[WIP] Snacke V0.9.1

First public release, but still WIP.

What’s new:

  • Added tunnels for additional challenge (available from level 2)
  • Added bonus support

Comments are welcome. Also, I’m not a very good artist, so if anybody has interested in improving the looks of the game, please let me know.

Pretty cool game, but it runs a bit slow around 16fps on my pretty decent Windows laptop.

And I’m no artist, but a very easy trick to improve the graphics, is to pick a good palette of 3 colors and then use just those colors for everything.

Hey, thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it!

Regarding the frame rate, that’s strange. I’ve tested it on a Linux desktop with just integrated graphic card, a macbook pro, and low-end android phone on Chrome, and I’m getting at least 50FPS. Can you tell me more about your configuration? (CPU, gfx card, OS, browser)


I tried the game again just now, and now it’s running fine at around 60 FPS. I think previously there was some heavy background processes or downloads or something running, or maybe a system restart fixed it idk. It’s a pretty old but decent laptop (Aspire V3, i7, NVidea GT750M)

Thanks for your reply. Glad to read it was not related to the game. A friend of mine is revamping the graphics, So there should be an update soon.