Voxorp: Multiplayer Spaceship Arena!

This is my first game made with Phaser. Voxorp is a multiplayer game set in space, you fly around the map mining resources and then sell them at shops for better ships & equipment. In the Shipyards, you can add new equipment to your ship to change its functionality, add more mining lasers or more weapons, up to you! Once you’re happy with your ship, build a base to generate score on the leaderboard!


Any feedback would be greatly apprecitated! The game is technically released but there are not many people playing it so the map might be a bit empty.


Well done!!
Not played a long time and a bit lost, didn’t know what to do at first but i don’t usualky play this kind of game.
There is one thing that bothers me, staying clicked while mining…
I think too that a ingame tutorial could help for starting.

Thank you for playing!!!

There is a little tutorial when you play for the first time, the three slides? But maybe I should add something more.

Yes, I read them, but once in game i forgot them xD
I started mining, but some are a bit long to mine, so i started navigating and tried to buy some things, but there are too much different types of ressources, based on colors, i just can’t remember what i need once i try to find them. (most a memory problem than a game problem)

Ahh, well thank you for giving it a try! Yeah it is a little tricky to get started, I feel like it’s the kinda game you need someone to show you how to play first to get the hang of it. Thank you for trying it out though!

Awesome! I wanted to make a game like this since forever.

I like it so far, but the mining could have a bit more feedback. A progressbar that shows how much time is still needed to finish the mining of one unit. Also, another one, something like a health bar, that shows how much resources left in the asteroid itself. A small improvement could be the resource icon flying to the sidebar to show the player that the mining of a single unit is finished and added to your inventory.

The shapes could be more unique. Different colors are fine, but they should be pretty different, not like light blue, dark blue, black. People are usually remembering based on base-color names and the number of corners. But after a dozen same-looking colors and shapes with 5-6 corners people tend to become confused.

Module-placement wasn’t too intuitive, but it works. Base-placement is not working at all. I can’t drag the base-module out of my inventory. It just shows a border, then nothing.

There was no other players on the server when I was online so I couldn’t try out the battle, and I couldn’t shoot at asteroids.

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Thank you for playing! Your feedback is really useful, it got me thinking about the complexity of the game. You mentioned that the resources were confusing, I agree, for a game with not many items it is obscene to have 9 different asteroids/resources to mine. I have brought that down to 3, and I have made them each a different shape and each have a distinctive colour.

I am relieved that you discovered you can’t place buildings, it was just a silly bug in the code I hadn’t noticed that I have now fixed.

I know you said that you think their should be more feedback when mining the asteroids, your idea of showing the item fly from where you are mining to your inventory is really good and I did program it however, I don’t like how intrusive it was on the screen, it makes the game less minimalist and adds clutter that I don’t think suits the rest of the game so I did not keep it in. I am hoping that since all three of the asteroids are quite quick to mine, compared to some of the old ones taking 10sec, it will be quite obvious to the player that they are mining.

I am sad that you didn’t get to try out any of the combat since I think it is one of the best parts of the game, but I sadly haven’t reached a point where there is at least one person in the game at any one time.

Again, I really appreciate you trying out my game, and thank you so much for your feedback I think it has made the game a lot more understandable, and more fun to play :smile:.

Wow, these are some significant improvements. Mining is a lot better now, no need for additional feedback. Maybe just the health bars.

Here are some additional suggestions:

  • Different mining methods: The three new asteroid types simplified the economy, but they could also behave differently.
    • The blue triangle could be pretty small and collectible just by colliding with it. All the basic modules could cost only these. This way the player could start without a single module, but could collect enough blue ores to buy the mining module for green pentagon mining and a basic weapon for defense.
    • The green pentagon could stay the same, mineable by the mining laser. Mid tier modules and all the basic base components could cost blue and green ores.
    • The meteor could also stay the same, mineable by the mining cannon. Only the special modules would need meteors.
    • The red hexagon could be gigantic and only mineable by a new mining turret base component, that would replace the scorer. So the players would need to build their base next to a red asteroid to mine it and get the rarest red ore, not just anywhere in the galaxy. This way the red ore would be equal to the current score, but also serve as a currency for the highest tier of ships, modules, and base components. This differentiation would make every asteroid and meteor unique, not just something that has different color and health amount.
  • Mineable asteroids on the radar: Even if you just add some small black dots to show the locations and not the types it would lower the time spent in the completely empty space looking for asteroids. You could add this as a surveyor module too that shows only the nearby asteroids. And higher-level modules could have a higher range.
  • No dampening: Ships should keep their velocity. We are in space after all. This is a personal preference, but it can be very useful when you need to reach the other side of the galaxy to visit the next level shop, and you don’t want to keep pressing the forward key.
  • Base on the radar: Our base should be definitely marked on the radar.
  • Enemy locator module: Just like the asteroid surveyor module, there should be a way to find enemies when they are not on the screen. Different levels with different ranges.
  • Pirate ships and bases: To give something for the players too shoot at or chased by when nobody is online. Just with some simple AI.
  • Derelict ships and bases: Instead of crates, destroyed ships could leave derelicts behind, that could also show which modules remained intact and obtainable by the looter. They should also give some ores from the destroyed modules. Derelict bases would work the same way. Destroyed base components could be looted for a few ores. Random derelict ships and bases could also appear to give some reason for the players to explore the space when nobody is online.
  • Salvagable base components: Targetted by the mining laser or by a dedicated salvage module, the player could get back part of the ores paid for it. This way upgrading a base wouldn’t require the player to destoy the low tier components.
  • Module stats: Damage/Resource/Score Per Second would be pretty useful to know.
  • Chat log: For obvious reasons.
  • Ingame wiki link: For those who get lost in-game.

You should also create a Discord channel for the game and a dedicated page to submit more suggestions with voting options and report bugs and other issues other than this forum post.miner

I really appreciate the time you’re spending playing the game! I have copied this list to a word doc to work on later :slight_smile: I’m not so sure about some of the different mining methods you suggest, they would certainly vary the game however, I think it would just return to being far more complex than it needs to be, it would really confuse players just starting.

The radar module idea is really good, I must admit i have it in a list as I thought of it a while ago, I will need to look into the best way to go about this module.

I actually have a comment in the code just above where friction is applied acknowledging that it is not realistic however, the game ship is really difficult to control without friction, especially for people who aren’t use to keyboard controls. Some of my friends tried it without it was a mess. But I understand it is an annoyance to hold the buttons down to move.

Pirate ships/NPCs are a good idea, I am gonna have a good think about those

Derelict bases and random crates is something that I think could spice up the map - I will see how they feel in testing.

Resource stats are available on the Wiki, I know it is a bit out of the way but it works for now - wiki.voxorp.com

I am currently adding your suggestions to improve the chat!

Again, thank you so much for playing and for your brilliant feedback, it really helps to know what people think about the game!

An alternative to keyboard controls can be mouse movement. When you click the map, a line with arrow is draw and ship goes to this point.
You can add lateral movement with right click, and drag the map to search what you want.
It’s the way Vega Conflict works, and this make it playable from mobile too.

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