Get control over animations

I have a character that balances itself on a wheel (no physics, just animation) leans forward when going forward and backwards when going backwards.
The transition from going forwards to backwards has an animation of rotating backwards. If the character has only started to lean forwards I can’t just start the animation of turning backwards with the starting point of the animation with the character fully leaned forwards. This is why I need to start the animation of the turning back as advanced in frames as the animation of going forwards has advanced. I need control over from which frame the animation starts. How could I do this.?

Argument 3 of the play method is your friend here:

 * @param {(string|Phaser.Animations.Animation)} key - The string-based key of the animation to play, as defined previously in the Animation Manager. Or an Animation instance.
 * @param {boolean} [ignoreIfPlaying=false] - If this animation is already playing then ignore this call.
 * @param {integer} [startFrame=0] - Optionally start the animation playing from this frame index.
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I’ll see what I can do with this. Thanks !