Help on Visual Studio prediction


Hello! I’m new to Phaser, new to Node, new to almost everything -except coding-. The thing is i’m trying to setup a dev environment with Visual Studio for a multiplayer videogame with Express, Socket, Phaser, Webpack and Nodemon. My problem is that I can’t set up Visual Studio properly so that it uses intellisense for Phaser. I’m using ‘use strict’ at the start of every .js file, so I guess i’m programming in ES5? I’m so lost with this.

My questions are:
· Do I need to import typings for this purpose?
· If so, how should I set it up for Visual Studio to get Intellisense working?

My project folder structure is not yet something inmutable, because i’m still testing. It’s something like this project.



Maybe topic #1476 helps.



Well, this may be some kind of Murphy’s. I had already tried the things recommended in that topic, and it didn’t work.
Just tried again, and now works perfectly.
Thanks yannick!