How can I adapt a Phaser project to make it lower resource for Raspberry Pi


Hi there,
I’m running Phaser Game Making Workshops with kids as part of this project

We ran a really great workshop at Mozilla Festival but the starting project wouldn’t work on the Raspberry Pi 3 computers they had set up. The framerate is very slow. By massively reducing the canvas size the project did work. But this was too limiting for us for these workshop. I’m also getting the same issue with an older laptop (thinkpad x61) 2Gb Ram 1.6 duo CPU.

Original project is here -
And the smaller Pi project is here -

So I’ve got some questions and hoping to draw on the expertise here.

  • Is there anything I can do to optimise the original project apart from reducing the size of it
  • what are the hardware restrictions likely to slow down frame rate
  • are there are any dev tools apart from an overall CPU/ RAM system monitor that can be used to trouble shoot this


I have never tried a raspberry pi, but I know that it runs perfectly the MAME emulator among other things.
Have you tried replacing Phaser.AUTO with Phaser.CANVAS?
Some browsers have very poor webgl support, and it is worse in “non-standard” devices.


Sadly I can’t test on RPI myself at the moment, so I’ll be asking someone else to help here.

But strangely on the 1.6Ghz X2 system changing to CANVAS seems to increase CPU use dramatically. Thank you for making me aware of that issue.