Switching to Phaser from PixisJS / ThreeJS -- they're too complicated but I need help optimizing this snippet on Codepen

Hi all, I’m building an MMO in ThreeJS initially, but after trying to add particle effects my CPU dies. Turns out garbage collection is super hard in ThreeJS. I moved to PixiJS and found the same issues, garbage collection is super hard.

So now I’m investigating Phaser and really like the simplicity.

But I’m having an issue with performance, how can I:

  1. triple the amount of sprites on the screen
  2. keep all the particles running smoothly



What do you mean by (2)?

You can try particles.

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Dude you rock. <3

Edit: OK thank you so much, I’m for moving over to Phaser. I’ve got ThreeJS running OK now but I just won’t be able to add particle effects to the game. I was willing to part with that and make a sub par product but now… omg! Thank you, I’ve seen the light.

Really appreciate your time to give me a hand evaluating, THANKS.