Webgl2 questions


Do Phaser 3 games perform better with webgl2 than webgl?

Does Phaser.WEBGL use webgl2 if it is available?
If not, should I use a custom webgl2 canvas if the browser supports it?

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you want to use webgl2, you would follow game config/custom webgl2 canvas. Phaser uses only webgl or experimental-webgl AFAIK.


Ok thanks. That’s how habe implemented it. If webgl2 is available it uses it, else webgl or even canvas 2d.

But I dont know if it boosts the performance. My game even runs at 60fps on my old phone (webgl) so it’s hard to tell.
I just assume webgl2 runs faster and will keep the code how it is now.