How change the mouse cursor to hand when over Phaser.Image

I made this mute sound effects button:

var muteEffectsBtn = game.add.image(650, 25, 'BUTTONS_ATLAS', 'soundOff.png');
muteEffectsBtn.inputEnabled = true;
muteEffectsBtn.visible = true;, sifc);

muteOnOffSound = function () {
  // mute/unmute sound here

But the hand cursor doesn’t appear as with Phaser.Button.

How do I make it show the hand cursor when over Phaser.Image?

muteEffectsBtn.input.useHandCursor = true;


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ActionScript 3 had also useHandCursor. I just couldn’t find it in the Phaser CE docs, I mean, I didn’t know there is a class InputHandler. Kudos.