How do you take care of Particle emitter that has done its job?


I’m wondering what is the best practice to do when for example I have a particle emitter that has maxParticles set and it has done its job. How do I remove it?

I understand that it’s best probably to recycle but sometimes it is very hard case and I need to reset all variables of the emitter and then set the new ones and etc. (Actually is there a better way to do it?) and also I just can’t seem to recycle some cases that I find on the examples and the only way is to create a new emitter.

So is there any way to clear the not running emitters? Or something like that?

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emitter.manager.destroy() should work.

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If you have several emitters I think you can do


Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.

@Jake.Caron I think this will destroy the manager not just the emitter and I needed the emitter per emitter solution.

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Oh, woah. I’ve been creating a new manager every time I create a new particle emitter and that’s probably not an efficient thing to do. Today I learned, thanks.