Introducing Quest - game development accelerated


Hello Phaser enthusiasts!

Are you a beginner and are struggling to get started with Phaser? Or maybe you are an experienced phaser developer but are frustrated pushing pixels to get your game to be exactly like designed. Perhaps you struggle to fit your game to different screens/sizes. Or are stuck with performance issues, low frame rates etc. We have a solution for you.

Introducing – the one-stop solution for rapid phaser game development. Design your game, throw in your assets and Quest produces pixel perfect, production ready game UI for you in a jiffy. Add in your animations in our visual timeline, include media assets, even write game logic right in the browser and Quest will generate necessary sprite and audio sheets, optimize the experience, make it work across all devices and deploy it to an edge-cached CDN to directly access via URL.

Key features:

  1. Design (assets) to pixel perfect Phaser 3 code
  2. Property editor for tweaks and transformations
  3. Visual timeline editor to setup animations and tweens
  4. Automatic code and spritesheet generation
  5. Audio support with audiosheet generation
  6. Inline code editor to include any game logic (You can code any Phaser 3 functionality)
  7. Fully optimized game experience across all devices
  8. Completely browser based (no install necessary)

We have been using Quest to build experiences for a variety of brands internally and have now launched it as a self-service platform. To check out some of the experiences built using Quest in this gallery(

Best of all you can try Quest for free. Signup at and build your next awesome game. We look forward to hearing your feedback - what works, what doesn’t or if you have any feature requests.
Can’t wait to see all the cool things you can build with Quest.

Quest team

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