[Phaser 3] Enclave Phaser Template

We’ve released an update to Enclave Phaser Template - a boilerplate piece of code for all who builds HTML5 games with Phaser and needs a starting point to not worry about the structure, states, and basic functionality, but focus on the game itself.


  • mobile-first, fully responsive (portrait and landscape)
  • boot, preloader, main menu, settings, story, and gameplay states
  • paused and game over screens
  • sound and music management
  • multilanguage support
  • keyboard shortcuts support
  • WebFont plugin using custom fonts
  • custom Button class
  • highscore via localStorage
  • tweens and animations
  • particle emitter
  • shake, flash, and fade camera effects
  • Progressive Web App support
  • Web Monetization enabled

No build tools, just plain simple set of files.


SUPER! I’m waiting for this kind of template for years! :+1:
Thank you so much, @end3r aka @js13kGames compo creator! :heart_eyes:

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