iOS 15 performance drop


I am working on a game for iOS using Phaser 3 and Cordova.
Back in iOS 14, I had 50-60 fps on an iPhone XR and iPad mini 5. But since I updated both to iOS 15, performance has dropped to around 10 fps on both, without changing the code.
Anyone have any ideas… or have observed the same behavior?

Phaser: 3.55.2
iOS: 15.0.1
Cordova-ios: 6.2.0

(Around 3000 GameObjects)
(Using the WKWebView and WebGL)

Bug 230749: REGRESSION (Safari 15): Poor WebGL performance on

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Thanks a lot! I had suspected that it might be such a problem. Glad to see it’s known and being worked on. Cool to see that @rich is aware of it as well. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.