Issue with Phaser 3 ios cordova app

Guys, I have compiled my Phaser 3 game with cordova and have been testing it on a device. The issue I face is that as soon as I hit home button to minimize the game, it crashes after a few seconds. The game was compiled using XCode 10.1 and cordova is latest version. Though it seems more like a cordova and ios issue, it could very well be something missing in Phaser. I am wondering if someone has been successful in compiling and getting the app published with Phaser 3. Though I had been using few plugins for audio, sharing and admob features, I have tested by removing all plugins with bare minimum whitelist plugin which gets added by default and it still crashes.
The error I receive is as following

Exception Subtype: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000001
VM Region Info: 0x1 is not in any region. Bytes before following region: 4314808319

I have gone through all documented steps to symbolicate crash logs (which also fails for some reason) and try to find the exact reason but have no success so far. Trying to pick some brain in right direction. CocoonJS is dead and Phonegap build is outdated. Doesn’t seem like there is still much interest in pushing HTML5 games to ios.


I successed to make a phaser 3 game with cordova and published to android, ios in waiting to approve but will success.

i think you should make a phaser 3 game in html website page first then put it’s to another platform.
And i’m sure the error you got not from phaser.
maybe you config wrong somewhere.

I still think mini game using html5 is great.


Thank you, I have already compiled and published the game for Android and have not faced any issue at all. Compiling same game for iOS also has no issue but running the game on actual device crashes every time it goes to run in the background. It could be some config issue but I am not sure what it is. Do you have a template for config file which I can look at? I am trying to find what do I have in my config file or what am I missing?


i have some issue like that with some of clone game :smiley:

every time you close the game and come back the game restart.
but if you open multitasking and come back to game then it’s will resume like normal.

but it’s never happen to the game i make from start. only some game i’m clone from another site.
that could happen because some js check state like pause and resume.
Some say it’s because splash screen or require full screen option of xcode.

well i still don’t found out why :smiley:
will post update if i have an answer.


Thanks, my previous comment seems to have been lost in spam filter for some reason. Let me know if you come to know about anything,