Loading 36 maps with 7 layers and 1 object layer

I have a project to load 36 maps next to each other and 8 layers each from tiled.

A rough calculations, I would need …
36 x import statements
36 x this.load.tilemapTiledJSON()
36 x this.make.tilemap()

36 x 8 x createLayer() to load in all the layers & objects

And not to mentioned all the collisions and other lines to make everything work …

Is there an easier way to achieve this like using a for loop or grouping or something ??



I dont know what you realy want to archive, but it Sounds like a Design problem for me.
U want to load 36 levels parallel?
If u want to build up a big World based in different tile maps, best way to go is with a custom class.
Pasing All relevant Infos to IT and create an inszanse for each map.
The Infos can be stored in a XML, json, database, what ever.

You than need to loop over All relevant maps, create there instance, place them in the World…

If u use phaser group for collision, even this should be possible…

Maybe you can explain bit more about your use case?