Multiple tileset per layer

Hi guys, I’m new to Phaser and creating tilemaps.

I have created a tilemap using Tiled, and just found out while trying to load the tilemap in Phaser that each layer should be contained in a single tileset image for Phaser 3.8: Phaser.Tilemaps.Tilemap - Phaser 3 API Documentation

The Phaser Tiled Parser does not support the ‘Collection of Images’ feature for a Tileset. You must ensure all of your tiles are contained in a single tileset image file (per layer) and have this ‘embedded’ in the exported Tiled JSON map data.

This is a bummer…as I have spent quite a bit of time creating the tilemap. The current tilemap I have has 4 layers, and some layer have a reference to two or three different tileset pngs.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to still make it work, load the tilemap layer with references to different tilesets in Phaser. From what I can see, there was a way: HTML5 Game Devs Forum -, but this mentioned using dynamic layers, and I see that this is already removed in Phaser 3.8

Or if there isn’t, and after merging the tilesets for each layer into one, a quick way to map the tile(s) from the old tileset to the the merged one?

Would greatly appreciate any help!


You can use multiple tileset images per layer by passing an array in createLayer. There’s an example on the labs site.

Thanks Samme!

Yeah it is this example: Phaser 3 Examples

I don’t know why my previous searches did not turn up a result, but it is a great relief!