Looking for an experienced Phaser user to quote on a job

Hi everyone; I run a website with a handful of Flash-based games which will be toast by the end of 2020. I’m looking to find out the cost of getting them remade as Phaser projects. The .fla files are missing but we can provide game assets (graphics) and we just need someone to mimic the gameplay in a new format, and possibly make some enhancements.

If you’re interested, you can PM me with a folio of existing projects and we can discuss further. Thanks.

Hi @Stephanie_Doleweerd! I’m not sure how I can PM you on this platform, but if we’d love to see how we can work help you guys out here ate Tree Interactive (treeinteractivecr.com). We have a lot of experience with both Phaser and Unity, and you can send you a more detailed presentation and projects we’ve worked on. Please contact us at info at treeinteractivecr dot com. I’ll be happy to keep this going.

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