Looking to hire Phaser 3 dev

Hey guys,

I’m looking for someone who is at least decent with Phaser 3 / TypeScript, knows a bit about Tiled and is available for regularly irregular paid work (hourly). We can use a 3rd party system for the payments initially (Fiverr, Freelancer etc.). I’m posting here because I didn’t have much luck trying to find devs with Phaser skills on those platforms directly.

The project is a little avatar world with minigames, using SmartFox for multiplayer. It is partially done, I’d need you to continue the development. If we agree on an hourly rate, we can start right away. There’s at least couple weeks / months worth of work for you, depending on how the project goes (there’s work in queue waiting now, and we’d see afterwards).

  • You should be a decent enough developer, TypeScript or JavaScript willing to transition to TypeScript (ie you don’t need to be a TS expert).
  • You should be willing to look into SmartFox - the server side logic can be also developed in JS / TS.
  • You should be reliable & honest & be able to openly communicate about your progress.

P.S.: I’m new to these forums so not sure how messaging will work, if you can’t get it working, feel free to reply with a way to contact you.


Hi @realitysims
How are you?
Here is phaser expert with +7 years of experience
I want to work with you
Please contact me then discuss further

Hey! Quite some time since I posted this :slight_smile: So the work was already completed, though we started on something else (though much smaller) in Phaser recently. What is your hourly rate currently?


Thanks for your contact
Could we discuss via skype or sth else?
Let’s discuss further there


Ok, I’ll get in touch later today or tomorrow then.


Okay, thanks

Will wait for your contact

Hi @realitysims

How was your weekend?

Hi dude
Are you there?
When can we discuss about your project?

Just sent Discord request to Paradise#9793

Hi I can’t see your request

Could you send again to !Commander#5227 on discord?