No Spine distributable package for Canvas?



I’m extremely glad about the new support for Spine :blush: , and so far the WebGL version is working really well, also thanks to yannicks examples.

However, in our game we need to support IE11 as well, unfortunately, which means Canvas. My problem is that there apparently is no Canvas-distributable of the Spine plugin in its dist folder (only SpineWebGLPlugin.js). Being unfamiliar with webpack and also on a tight deadline, could someone hint me to where I could find the Canvas-version? Or is there a really simple way to compile my own?

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Maybe it is just not bundled yet?

There is a webpack.canvas.config.js and a webpack.canvas.dist.config.js in the folder phaser/plugins/spine. Maybe you just have to build it your self?


This is how you do it

# download phaser
git clone --depth 1

# install all dependencies
npm install

# build the spine plugin for canvas
npm run plugin.spine.canvas.dist

# find the plugin in

Wow, that was simple… and worked :smiley: !!

And me, I was getting lost in the webpack documentation for hours…

Thank you so much! You saved me!

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