[Phaser 3] Eternity Pilot


Eternity Pilot is a mobile game made using Phaser 3 and Cordova. It is my first published game and it would have been totally impossible without Phaser and this amazing community! For now it is only available on Android but I am hoping to have an iOS version in the near future. I have a sign up on the site linked below to receive a notification when the iOS version comes out.

Play Store


Looks great! Nice job


Thanks @snowbillr!


So cool! Did you draw everything yourself?



The majority of the graphics are from https://opengameart.org/content/void-blaster.

The explosions and the avatar are also from opengameart.com . Everything else (logos, modifications, etc) is me.


It looks great and most importantly I find that it all fits together really well, a coherent style overall


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. Let me know if you see any room for improvement.


Seen the game play video, good.
Not able to install the game, my mobile is old, very old having 4.1 jellybean…
Good luck.


New version 0.2.58 released today featuring:

-Explosions damage enemies
-Parallax background
-On screen infinity gun and bomb timers
-Adaptive icons
-Rate prompt
-Share button
-Loading graphic on ad screen
-Tutorial Tweaks
-Other minor fixes