[Phaser 3] Learn to write Phaser 3 game from 8080 assembly language

I’ve been learning to code in Javascript and Phaser 3 for about 6 months and this is my first attempt at a complete game, based on Taito Space Invaders. It was written by by looking at the original 8080 assembly language code.

I am currently reviewing the code, writing in my blog about some of the challenges and re-writing some of it as I go along. The blog is slanted more towards trying to understand the “logic” behind a game by digging into the original 8080 code. Once the logic is understood, it is remarkable how easy it is to recreate it on modern computers, language together with the Phaser framework.

Here’s a link to the first part of my blog (link to the CODEPEN to the game is included).

If you are a beginner like you might find that the challenges you are encountering are the same as the ones I have encountered.

If you are experienced, I hope you can take a quick look at my code, blog and perhaps help me to overcome some of the remaining unresolved issues, or give me feedback on the way I have written the code.

Thank you!