Phaser 3 Platformers Tutorial Series

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made a series of Phaser 3 platformer tutorials:

They are designed to follow on from the official Phaser getting started tutorials and take you through controls (including touch / mobile), adding baddies, ladders, shells, powerup - all the tropes of platformer.

They are built with a low bar to entry in mind, no ES6 (yes, yes I know everyone uses it now but I’m trying to keep it for beginners!), no build tools. It’s all on github and codepen so people can easily see it working and pick it apart to help them learn.

There are currently 19 tutorials in the series, I intend to cover a few more basic ones in the upcoming weeks, then I’ll be looking at tilemaps and gradually ramping up the complexity and scale of them.

Anyway, hope it’s useful to someone. Really enjoyed making them regardless!




I only took a quick glance, but this is really, really great. I haven’t made a real platformer in Phaser 3 yet (I started to 18 months or so ago, but got distracted with paid work :roll_eyes:); but it looks like you’ve tackled pretty much everything I struggled to solve when I made my last big platformer in Phaser 2 - plus a lot more besides!

Very, very good job :partying_face:

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