[Phaser 3](WIP) Button Class


JSS like Button Classes for Phaser 3

I’m about to make a Phaser 3 button class. You will be able to set css styles similar to jss and some predefined bulma button classes.

What do you think? Is this something you would use?

Watch the video below!

Buttons in Phaser 3

You’re aware of RexRainbow Button Plugin??


I did not know this plugin.
But I guess it does not use JSS like syling?


No, this button plugin dose not have styling. It is only some logic of touch events to fire click event when touch-end.
BTW, I had made other plugins to build UI components.


Your plugins look nice. I guess I will not make a plugin based on my JSS buttons, but offer the code in TS and es2015 instead (Like it did it for my swipeable menu).