[Phaser 3][WIP][Closed Beta] ragecage - MMORPG and Real-Time-Battle

Hi there,
this post is for the first announcement of my upcoming game. it is still in early beta and needs many dev / art-work and so on, but im also need your help!
im searching for beta-testers.

++++++++++++ DISCAIMER ++++++++++++

The game is in german language (translation is in progress, but not prio 1)
The game requiers registration (nick + email)
The ingame items, quests, npcs, enemies are just demo-content / not finished yet.
The images in game are manly placeholders (some free ressources, some temp-images).
Depending on development progress, personal chars / items / quests can be deleted / reseted on update ( i try to avoid this, but sometimes its unavoidable).
Hosting is heroku+private sql, so sorry for some lag / delay
I dont know how performance will decrease, if there are multiplay realtimebattles running parallel. So pls be patient :slight_smile: )
URL via PM



ragecage has two play-modes:


As for each rpg, you create a hero and start your journey in the game.
You need to level up (fighting enemies, do quests), gather ressources (defeat enemies, mining, fishing, etc.), craft items, solve quests.
You have an inventory and personal chest. You can move anywhere in the world based on a board-grid (if way is not blocked by some objects).

You can move based on the board-grid (hex) to each grid-tile as long as there is no blocking content (object or field not walk able).
You can enter cities / villages, dungeons, mines…
Based on your current field you can have different interactions with the field:

  • talk to npc
  • take quest form npc
  • heal by npc
  • take field-items from ground (if dropped there by players)
  • use interaction (based on object)

Char levels / stats / skills / quests:
Player levels up by gaining xp. each level offers 5 stat-points and 1 skill point.
Stats are requierd to equip some items (based on item stats).
By taking quests from npc, player can get xp, gold and the world chances depending on progress (e.g. objects appear / disappear).

in the open world you will randomly encounter enemies (not in citys / camps).
The enemy level and enemy type depends on the current level settings.
Battle is turnbased, so after each action the next participant with lowest roundtime has turn.

As for now, only the skills for crafting (“Herstellung”) are implemented.
You can craft different recipe based on your skill level.
Each interaction depends on the current fields object ( blacksmith, cooking, enchantment, fishing, wood cutting, mining, and so on…)


In cage-mode you can create a new game-lobby or join an open lobby to start a fight against other players.
You select a hero and than game starts. Realtime combat by server-side matter-physics.
Depending on selected mode you win by last-man-standing or timeout.

Until now there are only 2 maps for demo purpose:

  • Kuppel - big map for up to 6 players
  • Schlachthaus - small map for up to 3 players

the game modus to win this game

  • Last Man Standing - kill all other players to win
  • Skull-Keeper - hold the skull as long as possible during game-time to win
  • Deathmatch - make most kills during game-time to win

inside the game lobby you see your opponents and there selected hero.
as soon as all players are ready, game starts (min 2 players need to start).
Each hero has a different main attack and second attack / object to spawn.

As game starts, player can move with keyboard or on mobile device with joysticks.
Matter physics on server handles collisions for players, objects bullets.
Game-communication is handled via socket.io
Minimap shows player location

Url via PM :slight_smile: ( closed beta right now )

i recommend testing the story mode, because there you can play solo. Cage-Mode requiers other players to have fun (right now there arent to many of them on the server :wink: )

Thx for your time and testing!
Hope you enjoy my game :slight_smile: