[Phaser 3][WIP][Open Beta] ragecage - MMORPG and Real-Time-Battle

Hi there,
me again.

i’ve managed to deploy a new beta version fo my mmorpg “ragecage” and now want to share the public link to the project. Any feedback welcome!

For a brief description what you can expect from this game, pls have a look at the previos post to the closed beta (screenshots and descriptions included - just extend the sections):

++++++++++++ DISCAIMER ++++++++++++
English and German translation available right now.
The game requiers registration (nick + email) - i wont send you any non-requested emails (only e.g. for registration, pw-reset, reactivation)
The ingame items, quests, npcs, enemies are just demo-content / not finished yet.
The images in game are manly placeholders (some free ressources, some temp-images).
Depending on development progress, personal chars / items / quests can be deleted / reseted on update ( i try to avoid this, but sometimes its unavoidable).
Hosting is heroku+private sql, so sorry for some lag / delay / performance issues
I dont know how performance will decrease, if there are multiple realtimebattles running parallel. So pls be patient :slight_smile: )
The project is still beta and work in progress. So dont be afraid to send me bug-reports, feature requests or code-optimization hints.
Its a hobby project and i want to learn better coding with classes, modules, knockout-js, phaser, websockets, databases (sql, redis) and many more!

I will post updates here, as soon as new version arrived :slight_smile:

Thx you for testing and playing!


Small recommendation, for a beta make it more easier to login, for example, registration with email confirmation made me just close it, you can include social media login, that makes life a lot easier.
And if it’s really a beta and the data there could be throw / delete by you at any point you don’t even need to get real users data, so just let user put a test email, username and pass.
Easier access will make more people login and test it.

Good luck and regards!

Thanks for your feedback regarding authentication/login.
I have now implemented the first OAuth variants.
Google and Facebook already working. More can be submitted at any time.

For now:
If you are using a Social-Media login, no email will be stored in the database or any other user related data (beside the oauth-provider-id of this user).

Thx for testing!

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Now after login with google and put my username I only get a message that says:
If I refresh the page I get logged automatically.

Short update:

new Hardware, new Hoster. Heroku is stopping it’s free dyno, so i was forced to search something new.

Game runs now much faster and smother. i only add some new backend-features, no new frontend :frowning: but soon…

New url: