[Phaser 3 - WIP] K438-B: metroid like game

I started a “metroid like” game, it’s a long term project.

The actual released version is for testing purpose, feedbacks, criticisms to help make a better project.
So feel free to comment what you like, what you dislike.

Development status:
I’m working on the next version, wich includes:

  • rooms system with doors (done)
  • room with save station (done)
  • map (to do)
  • new weapons (to do)
  • new capacities for the player (to do)
  • new enemies assets (to do)
  • better enemies ia (to do)
  • add lights (to do)
  • add particles (to do)



This is really good looking! The jump feels great. Couple of small notes if you’re taking feedback:

The placement of an enemy before the primary weapon seems weird. I tried to shoot for a while before moving on and finding the primary weapon just a little further away. I’d swap the location of the gun and the enemy or just don’t place an enemy in the beginning.

The enemies take so long to kill with the basic gun. Unless you’re really trying to reinforce ammo conservation or something, just make the basic enemies 2 or 3 shot kills at the most.

Keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Ok i’ll swap the primary weapon with the first enemy.
And i agree with you, enemies have lot of hp, that enforce player to find better weapons.
I put lot of hp to enemies because the game, as it is, is very short (less than 15mn to finish once you know it)
Final version will be different.

I finally fix some few things:

fix: reduced hp of the first enemies
fix: jump inconsistency
fix: bombs destroy more easily upper blocks

Pretty neat, only feedback is that the controls promote awkward hand positioning. I would try to make it so keys are within close proximity to each other because no one likes to move their hand from one side of the keyboard to the other.

Perhaps you could move the ‘Jump’ over to the up arrow instead? Then you could make space the ‘Fire’ button.

There is an Options page, where you can configure keys as you want :wink:

great job!
which tool do you use to edit levels?

I use Tiled.