[Phaser 3 - WIP] Karzak The Slayer



I’ve been a big fan and user of Phaser for a long time now but have stepped away from development for a while, but in coming back to everything, I was surprised to see Phaser had changed so much but I’ve been getting my feet wet and I still absolutely love it…

I am currently limited in terms of hardware, time and a few other ways right now, but I do hope to get into creating some examples, samples and tutorials when I can find the means and the time, which is a little hard as of late because I am developing my project on-the-go right now, as I am homeless and spend most nights outside, which is what lead me to getting back into development… I don’t want to waste so much time walking around or sitting around at night just trying to sleep (which rarely happens) or kill time, so I set out to grind for cash via extremely underpaid labour work that paid via cash in hand to get a small laptop which I am using for this project until I can get support to fix my situation. The laptop is an 11.6" Lenovo 100e 81cy.

The above is also why I am greatly considering taking an episodic release approach to this project. I also mention that so that people are aware that there may be fairly large gaps in my activity, days to a week at a time, which is why I am not wanting to commit to any tutorial efforts at this time, but this project once complete will be broken down into a series or articles, in hopes to help others.

Here is a simple WIP screenshot of the current state, including a couple of things such as:

  • Main character
  • Two enemies: Goblin & Skeleton
  • Two Item pickups: coin & life potion
  • A variety of tiles (that need work)
  • An NPC that currently uses the main character’s sprite, the player can interact with this
  • Basic HUD elements that have been redesigned several times to get to this simplifies state (I like the minimal approach for it)
  • A sign post that can be read by the player


I look forward to getting this project into a more playable demo state, I have had a friend interested by the progress and has offered to help me out with the programming portion of the project as he has been wanting to get into Phaser development for some time… I will link his forum username here once I find out what he signed up with.

I will add much more information, links and screenshots soon… Until then, I hope you all have a great time developing with Phaser!!

General Summary / Intro

Karzak is a game centered around platforming and smashing the s**t out of things, both inanimate and animate. Episode one is set around a simple scenario where in Karzak had prepared a feast for his triumphant victory against a neighboring barbarian and in doing so won the hand of a partner (Mally), who is due to return any moment but when Karzak turns to get the boar from the fire, a sound of goblin feet pattering away echo in the distance, Karzak turns yelling in anger as he witnesses his glorious feast being stolen away by pesky little goblins! Karzak has to ensue, in hope to save his feast to impress his new lady, however… It is not as easy as he had first thought. What will Mally think when she arrives at an empty camp with no Karzak and no feast!

The game is a side section of the Karzak universe and franchise, created out of the limitations of housing and hardware alike, as an attempt to utilize the game world and characters of the initial game project to create a fun, simplified and humorous game that simply allows the users to have fun experiencing Karzak, the friendly but clumsy oaf that he is, while he attempts to do things that just never quite seem to work out.

A little more about the game before I rush off and vanish for a couple of days!

Karzak is something that fuses old school challenging gameplay of platformers with visuals that are also not too dissimilar to induce nostalgia and modern gameplay and design philosophies tied in to create emotional attachment to the characters and scenarios without distracting from the fact that you’re playing an arcade like game not a story driven novel.

There is a focus on a no inventory approach to the games items and pickups, you pick up what you need as you need it, most items are disposable, consumable or throw-able. This coupled with timing for combat allows for a simple system to become vastly complex based on the environment and enemies around the character, which also alters based on how the player plays the game, which also allows the player to define their own play style based on the knowledge gained throughout the experience.

Here is a visual progression of the character throgout the course of the game:


Here’s a character animaion preview:


The stutter is due to recording the realtim playback to make a gif, this is a week old, I didn’t realise it was on my imgur until just now.

To Be Continued…

  • I’ll export and add animation previews of the sprites on Sunday. (hopefully)
  • I’ll add more information on the actual game.
  • I will coordinate some demo related content with Thomas who wishes to help out.
  • I will upload the Mobile mockup images once I get to a place I can stay on Sunday!

I hope you all have as much fun developing in Phaser as I have!!


You may have to click the first screenshot to see the HUD.

[ Thread Update Info ]

  • Added sprite animation preview - Karzak: Run - 07 / 02 / 2019


Keep us posted. Very excited!


First, I’d like to say that I hope your living situation improves soon. From what you’ve written in this post you seem very talented, and I believe that you’ll get things turned around here soon :slight_smile:

In particular I love the sections about inducing nostalgia, and utilizing the environment/object pickup aspects to create very simple input mechanics while also allowing for much more complex gameplay scenarios to emerge. Well written! In my current project I’m attempting to use very similar design philosophies.

Is there a demo of the game available? Or did I miss that in the post? I’d love to check out the game itself!


@pyxld_kris, there isn’t a public demo available yet, I still have not been able to get back to where the computer was set up so that I can update the postith a playable demo or the updated art previews yet.

A few things have changed in some of the level basd on the work I’ve done on paper, so the demo will have to be updated before I share it anyway, so may be a while, as of right now I am getting a little help towards some kind of housing so I am unable to get to where I accidently left my external hdd with all the files on.

Rest assured, pogress is being made and I’ll continue to update as soon as I can… Feel free to share your project post or links here too when they may become available.


Hey Patrick,

I’d like to buy a share in your future. Give me a paypal (or something you use), and I’ll send you some money. No strings attached. When you make it, think of me :slight_smile:


Your kindness and generosity is appreciated Milton, I’ll leave my PayPal email here for you, and I’ll be giving back to the Phaser community the second I am able :slight_smile:



Hi Pat,

I will send you 1K$ but I don’t usually use PayPal, so it takes me some time to reroute :slight_smile:
I use Neteller, but that’s a European thing :slight_smile:


Well, I am in the UK but I have never heard of Neteller, and that was definitely not expected but will help a great deal!

I will most cerainly not forget the support from you Milton. Much appreciated. I will include you somewhere in the credits or something as well :stuck_out_tongue:


So we’re using Paypal while we could use Neteller :slight_smile:
At least create an account, maybe I can transfer a bit cheaper :slight_smile:

You seem to be a good developer, keep it up, and maybe I can keep fronting you.


I made a Neteller account, but do not currently have a photo ID on me to upload to verify the account, not something I am able to bypass until I can resolve that, which won’t be for a while. I will check quickly on my phone for old photos of my ID.


Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to get it on PayPal. It still may take some time though.
I encourage other people to donate too.

Please help the homeless.


This is beautiful :slight_smile:

Watching this thread, I’m excited to see what comes next!


Hey guys, I just wanted to post a little update, Milton helped me out quite a lot with that donation, I’ve been sorting out a stable place to stay so that I can continue development and generally sort out a few things that will improve my life a little.

I honestly did not expect that at all but it has made a world of difference to me!

I haven’t been able to get my hard drive until recently, but I do have it now, and I have now got a great data plan that will allow me to be active most of the time, I’ll post some real updates on the project some time in the next few days, I am carryng my things quite a distance to get to where I am to be staying.

I will get everything set up later tonight or tomorrow depending on when I get there and get back to everything while trying to sort out that demo of the first level that will be reiterated until the control and feel is bout right.

Thanks guys for the interest and support! I cannot wait to see where I can take this project now.

@Milton I’ll be in touch soon about some kind of credit or something going to you for that mate.