[Phaser3] [Android] "Throw Gold" - free anti-stress mobile app

Hello Everyone,

To begin with, I wish you aLL a Happy Golden 2022!

I would like to present to you our first antistress mobile application: Throw Gold.

As simple as that. Only here you can find your free chin-chin gold bars - flying all around!

Thank you in advance for trying it out!

Stay tuned since some updates will be coming up to shake things up further!

ALL feedback is absolutely welcomed!

Tech Details:
Stack: Phaser3 (MatterJS), Cordova (Android)

A bit of history: we’ve been experimenting with Phaser3 and Android for some time now and have been tinkering with a lot of sample applications.
This is our first public app and we hope to make mobile users happy with only a few clicks (completely free)!

Thank you for your input!

Thank you, Rich,

for the amazing framework and the whole community for all the support out there!

  • The AweSkyBear Team

We’ve pushed several updates: cool physics controls, material-ui like UI animations (preview video is available), some minor bug fixes.

We’ve pushed some awesome updates to make:

  • the bars reflect lighting in a much more realistic way
  • the vault reflect lighting
  • the lighting to be visible while it passes over the vault
  • enable the user switch between several lighting modes/presets! via the Lights button for an even cooler experience!

Hope you enjoy our work!