My first better mobile game made with Phaser 2

Hello, take a look at my first android game. It’s called Circle Risk.

Let me know what to correct and what mistakes I have made. Thanks in advance

@SiderProg Congrats on publishing your first android game! I downloaded and played on my mobile - loads fast, and plays very smoothly! I think it speeds up a little too fast: my high score after 5-6 minutes was still only 28, and my accumulated gold earnings were far from the 700 minimum requirement for buying anything in the store. I think even being able to make a small purchase would have kept me playing 5 more minutes, just to try out the purchased item, giving me that sense of progress. So maybe make the game a little easier, award more gold, or adjust the prices for stuff in the store. Also, a label or description of the items in the store would be nice, because atm it’s hard to know what the upgrades do. Are they skins, or do they affect gameplay? Well, just my 2 cents, I do like the game and the core game mechanic - it’s new, easy to understand and challenges reflexes.