My second Phaser 3 game - Sketched

Sketched is a side scroller game. The game only works on Mobile devices.
Do checkout and review.



Not bad. I enjoyed it, the Y velocity on the second jump may be a bit high, but I like the art style you chose.


Thanks a lot for taking your time on my project.

An okay game, but when you fly too high you suddenly die?
There are no spikes or anything, maybe player should just be allowed to hit the cieling.

Thanks for the suggestion.Removing the ceiling makes the game easy to play. Although the ceiling is lower then required which is irritating. I will surely fix that. Do suggest more improvements.

I agree that the ball jumps a bit too high per click, making too much of the upper part of the screen unsafe territory.

The art style is nice, although it could do with a bit more color. Even sketching doesn’t have to be in all greys :wink:

My high score after 10-12 games: 90. Almost died every time touching the ceiling.

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As others have said, it’s a bit frustrating the way you suddenly die near the top of the screen. However, once you get a bit of rhythm going with the jumping, the game is kind of nice. Does it speed up as you get further along? Oh, I played for about 5-10 minutes and could score about 200 points.

Btw, how long did the game take you to make?

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Thanks for taking your time on my game.

No I did not add speeding up. Would make it sure to add it. Nice suggestion.

The game took me around 2 days to make from concept to publishing that’s why it looks unpolished.

Again thanks.