Player shifts when camera moves


Hello! I’ve scaled down my game to 0.75 and now when I move camera around, player’s position shifts. This is code from create function, 0.75);
    this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.RESIZE;



I think it happens because the sprite is scaled up or down the size of the world
Are you scaling your sprite ?


No, i don’t do anything with sprite. Tilemap and sprite is scaled down automatically at game init.


Are they both scaled with the same value or two diffrent ones


I didn’t understand you. I just do, 0.75); at game init and both player and tilemap is scaled down. No more scale operations are performed.


Sorry for the misunderstand, in fact you just shared a line of code and without more code I can’t understand how you did that it’s why I was asking more questions to clarify how you are coding your game, it was not clear how you scaled both the world and the sprite

I don’t know the solution, good luck

PS : Maybe you’ll have a better answer via


I’m not sure. Check the worldScale values of the objects to see if they’re the same.