setCollisionByProperty isnt working the way I believe it does

When I use “setCollisionByProperty” on a layer it doesnt change any of the collision keys on the tile objects. However if I use ‘forEachTile’ and set the keys to true myself it works. Is there something I am missing? Picture below shows my code and map.
Thank you!




What do you see?

This is what is returned. There is nothing in properties.

Did you set tile properties in Tiled?

No I didn’t the tutorial I followed didn’t mention it or I missed it. Here is how my TIled looks right now.

I am assuming I have to add “canCollide” into custom properties? Are there any other custom properties I should add while I am doing this?

When ever I add anything to custom properties it appears in the properties in layer. tile → layer → properties

I think you select a tile in the tileset panel first.

You can assign any property as long you use the same in your code.