Slow animation in mobile browser

Hello everyone!
I have a next issue - all animations created with TweenManager play as needed on desktop, but is getting slow in mobile browsers.
I see several similar topics on this forume, but I didn’t find a solution for them.

Only on develop mode(when check in mobile browser) - i have in console this warning:
[.WebGL-0x5badc200]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 5
When i play game on desktop - this warning is not.

I upload small images - max 1270 x 720.

Who knows what’s going on here?

Update my info:
I check my game on 3 diffrent phones:

  1. Huawei p20 lite (old phone)
  2. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (old phone)
  3. Iphone 11 (old phone)

And on all phones i see diffrent playing animation…

  • Xiaomi - the best animation, not have issue
  • Iphone - little bit wrong
  • Huawei - Terribly - animation twitches. But it gets a little smoother as time goes on.

Who knows why and how to make it play the same on all phones???

I find the reason - i use Multi Color Pipeline, getting on this example (In my project i need change color images - for color to gray):

If i not use this - all animations work good.