Text bounce but only a little

Hi there :slight_smile:

I would like have this effect : Phaser 3 Game Runner

You know, when the title appears “bank panic”
All i have now is this Phaser - Examples - Bounce Test

but then my title bounce on all the game, and not only once, he bounce all the time -_-

How can i tell him to bounce only a few time like “bank panic” and not on all the page but only on 200 pixel please? ( the title has to fall on 200px, bound and stop to bound )

thx !

This is the code:

let sign = this.add.image(512, -400, 'logo');

    targets: sign,
    y: 180,
    ease: 'Bounce.easeOut',
    duration: 2000

You can view the source with Developer Tools → Network.

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haaaaaaaaaaaa i didn’t think a second the solution would be a tweens !

thx a lot ! i’m a newbie, but i learn a lot :slight_smile: