Tile Extruder


I’m a bit confused on how this is supposed to work?

My tiles in my tileset don’t have any margin or spacing and are 32x32 so I’m running

npx tile-extruder --tileWidth 32 --tileHeight 32 --input ./platformertiles.png --output ./platformertiles-extruded.png

And getting an extruded image - however, the size is way off.

I then tried adding a couple of px to the height/width but that reintroduces bleeding.

Are there certain tilesets that work best with extruding?

The tileset I’m using is from here on OGA.


Edit: I don’t read far enough.

From github:

Note: you’ll have to adjust your margin & spacing because of the extrusion. If you had no margin & spacing, then the new margin is 1px and the spacing is 2px.